The History of Immigrant House

Our mission is to restore the Immigrant House and display it as a monument to the courage and contributions of Mountain View’s Immigrants – past, present and future.

Immigrant House serves as a point of interest with a special focus on appreciating the contributions of  immigrants on Mountain View’s history and agrarian past.

The community utilizes Immigrant House for hands-on projects for schools, walking tours, and other presentation of Mountain View’s history.

Similar to History Park San Jose’s migrant workers houses or the cannery workers’ shacks in Monterey, the inside of the house is restored to look like an immigrant laborers family home of the 1920’s.

The display recreates lifestyle furnishings, and informs visitors how and why the long-ago occupants used the items they did. The exterior includes interpretative signs. The grounds include heritage fruit trees and gardens, showcasing the agrarian past and contributions of Mountain View, formally known as the Valley of Heart’s Delight.

Parade Float Featured in MV City Hall June 2014

Parade Float Featured in MV City Hall June 2014

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