First Heritage Park History Tour

The Mountain View Historic Association was asked by the Khan Lab School if they could teach the school’s students about the history of Mountain View. I was asked to give a tour of Heritage Park.

That means that today was the very first guided tour given by yours truly at Heritage Park!!! It was very fun – the children were bright and amazing.

They learned about the history of the land and Mountain View’s agrarian past, visited the bees, and checked Soil & Water’s garden. They also got to see the future site of the Girl Scout Butterfly Garden.

About 25 students, three teachers, and six parents joined me this morning. Here are some of the students and teachers that gave me permission to post on Facebook.

Of course we spent a lot of time showing the students Immigrant House! The children were fascinated by the period-appropriate ice box and stove in the kitchen as well as the steamer trunk and the bed in the front room.

So many sweet moments watching all the amazing young students taking everything in.